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About me

I am a business intelligence developer working at Bizware since August 2015. In this blog I will present code samples, primarilly in tsql but also findings in all other parts of the Microsoft BI-stack.

Disclaimer: All code should be considered as "as-is", i.e. badly tested and not working until extensive testing have been made by anyone reading the code. :)

Happy coding!

Some general updates


Since my last post my employment status has changed. I’ve been having a great time at Avanade but from november last year (2011) I am employed at the online casino/bet company Betsson as a business intelligence developer. Since I’m so lazy with my updates on this blog, I’ve got something really special for you coming up in the next post.

Since I also got some english speaking collegues who might be interested in the stuff I write and do I decided to write in my left-handed english. I hope you’ll find some stuff interesting.


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